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“Statistics” is a branch of mathematics that deals with collecting, classification, analysing and presenting the large data. It is the fastest growing subject and is as old as human civilization. The word statistics has been derived from the Latin word “Status” which means the group of numbers or figures which represent some information. One finds statistics in everyday life as in newspapers, TV, Books.Now-a-days statistics is used in almost all fields like politics, Economics, Business, Science, Medicine etc. It involves the records related to birth rate, death rate, Age, and sex wise distribution of the population. In statistics, we can present the data indefinite form i.e. in their true form with figures, graphs, diagram etc. Statistics always simplify the complexes and mass data. Followed by this the decision-making power of an individual becomes easier which can increase the profit in business. The subject has also become essential in the financial sector, educational world, and Government which is increasing the demand for experts working in this field. Statistics are the useful method in investigating:

  1. Financial management
  2. Usage and access pattern
  3. Tracking changes and trends
  4. Performance of services

But sometimes statistics is not a viable method to study the data in great depth. Also, it requires technical expertise and can be time-consuming.
Some students underestimate themselves that they are not in the bunch of extraordinary kids who just happen to be good at maths. They have been fed with the idea that mathematics is impossible to master and is very problematic subject and don’t even try their hands on to practice the subject. They don’t know the right/correct methods and routine study for this particular subject. Statistics involves the accurate calculation and the students who are not good in this end up writing the incorrect result. Students also tend to copy the wrong figures from the question which ultimately gives the wrong answer.
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